Feb. 8 2016

STICKFIGHTING WORLD has submitted its application for licening as Mixed Weapons Martial Arts Promoter to the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board. If granted STICKFIGHTING WORLD will be the world's first Licensed Promoter of Mixed Weapons Martial Arts, and New Jersey will be the first state to Sanction the sport.

Jan. 11 2016

STICKFIGHTING WORLD is still in the process of applying to be licensed as a MIxed Weapons Martial Arts Promoter in the State of New Jersey. Unfortinately legal conditions in Canada forced us to look elsewhere for a jurisdiction that would welcome our events. We hope that in 2016 we will finally be able to hold our second event SFW 2 and deliver the Mixed Weapons Martial Arts action our fans want to see.

In preparation for operations in New Jersey STICKFIGHTING WORLD will be attending the Action Martial Arts Magazine Mega Weekend at The Tropicana in Atlantic City Jan. 22-24. Check out the link for this: http://hohmega.com/index.php  

STICKFIGHTING WORLD will have a vendor table set up where you can come by and meet us, show your support for MWMA, find out how you can be a fighter or purchase SFW items.

July 28 2014

@JasonNawara did a piece on STICKFIGHTING WORLD for middleeasy.com - check it out 

here : http://www.middleeasy.com/fighting/item/13758-sfw-is-the-new-stickfighting-organization-and-it-s-suitable-for-work-check-out-their-first-event-here


and we just found an article that Blade Apprentice did on STICKFIGHTING WORLD as well. Check it out here:




July 3 2014

After participating in SFW 1:Genesis June 21 2014 STICKFIGHTING WORLD STICKFIGHTER Michael Robinson was featured in an article in the The Davison Index


June 20 2014

In preparation for SFW 1: Genesis June 21 2014  The Buffalo News ran a feature article on Super Heavy Weight Champion Gentleman John Lehmann on the front page of its Sports Section. Check out the article here. 

June 7 2014

SFW 1: Genesis is getting media attention in the Phillipines. Thank You James Mendoza for doing a piece on STICKFIGHTING WORLD for the Manila Times. 



May 29 2014,

The STICKFIGHTING WORLD Official Rules have been updated to Version 1.5. Changes include Rest Periods between rounds being extended to 1 minute and information about Fighters Corner Person(s) have been included. 


April 27 2014

Datu Tim Hartman has resigned as STICKFIGHTING WORLD Commissioner citing his desire to devote more time to conducting Martial Arts Seminars.  STICKFIGHTING WORLD is grateful for the contributions Datu Hartman made during his time as Commissioner. There is no immediate plan to find a successor.


March 19 2014

We at STICKFIGHTING WORLD regret to inform you that our first event, SFW 1: GENESIS must be rescheduled for June 21, 2014. We apologize for any convenience and look forward to seeing you there in June.

Feb. 8, 2014

STICKFIGHTING WORLD Super Heavy Weight Champion Announced

STICKFIGHTING WORLD is proud to announce "Gentleman John" as the first Super Heavyweight Champion. As an organization, we are happy to have him aboard and working very closely with us. The "Gentleman John" character is one that excites all sorts of fight fans, from his massive size and vicious look to his talent and charisma, we know he can and will play a major role at the forefront of our organization. He is also a Professional Wrestler, a Stickfighter and the CEO and Head Coach of the United States Combat Sombo Guild.


Official Training Centers

Feb. 11, 2014

STICKFIGHTING WORLD is proud to announce that the following schools are recognized as Official STICKFIGHTING WORLD Training Centers. This honor is bestowed in recognition of the quality of STICKFIGHTERS being produced by these schools. These schools are an excellent place to learn stickfighting.


Horizon Martial Arts

Datu Tim Hartman

280 Center Rd.
West Seneca, New York 14224




Sudbury School of Martial Arts

Guro Craig Mason        

91 Ester Street
Sudbury, Ontario
P3E 5C6

(705) 919-1125 Email: sudburyfma@gmail.com



United States Combat Sombo Guild

Master John C.S. Lehmann

18 Brunswick Road, Depew, NY. 14043




To become a STICKFIGHTING WORLD Official Training Center contact us at: info@stickfightingworld.com



Jan 20 2014 - STICKFIGHTING WORLD™ announces revised weight classes:

Feather 125-150

Light 151-175

Middle 176-200

Heavy 201-225

Super Heavy 226

Fighters weigh in at time of registration for tryouts or events.


Jan 11 2014 - STICKFIGHTING WORLD™ Appoints Datu Tim Hartman League Commissioner


(Charlie Ricottone SFW COO, Datu Tim Hartman and Chris Naftel SFW CEO)

and names Ryan Monolopolus its Light Weight Champion! 

Datu Hartman provides a vital link to the established FMA community and his years of experience in all areas of martial arts business make him an ideal advisor to STICKFIGHTING WORLD. The Commissioner has made it it first priority to examine the STICKFIGHTING WORLD Official rules with possible recommendations to be made in interests of safety. Any changes to The Rules will be made and published well in advance of STICKFIGHTING WORLD 1: Genesis event, April 5 2014.



STICKFIGHTING WORLD™ is the world's first Full Contact STICKFIGHTING League. In 2013 STICKFIGHTING WORLD™ began recruiting stickfighters, ring girls and referees to establish the League.  The inaugural event is scheduled for April 5. 2014.

Most traditional martial arts include a weapons component but before STICKFIGHTING WORLD™ there was no premiere venue exhibiting martial arts involving weapons.  STICKFIGHTING WORLD™ is a commercial venue that will exhibit competitions between weapons experts from different martial arts. By allowing experts from different weapons styles to compete against each other STICKFIGHTING WORLD™ has created Mixed Weapons Martial Arts (MWMA). 

STICKFIGHTING WORLD™ is not a martial arts school.

To our audience, STICKFIGHTING WORLD™ events will be similar to amateur MMA competitions but with the contestants using standardized weapons and equipped with some necessary protective equipment. Recommended and Mandatory equipment is listed in The Rules.


Unlike professional MMA, STICKFIGHTING WORLD™ does not aim to display or encourage any form of prize fighting. There is no purse to be awarded.