Ryan "The Truth" Monolopolus

Age : 26
Height : 5'10
Weight : 150
Stick Choice : Select Stick Choice
Training Facility : Horizon Martial Arts, West Seneca NY
Coach: : Datu Tim Hartman
Bio Info: :

Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, Ryan has been training in the martial arts since his early childhood and has been competing for more than ten years. His mother art is Modern Arnis, a long range stick-fighting system developed by the late Remy Armador Presas. Ryan has cross-trained in Sambo, Kickboxing, Karate, and several other Filipino fighting styles to round out his martial arts background, bringing a unique flow and movement to his fighting style. Traveling nationally and abroad for his career in media production and filmmaking, Ryan continues his fighting and training on the road, and with several top fighters and coaches in the Western New York region.

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