Michael "Kinjo" Robinson

Age : 43
Height : 5'8
Weight : 165
Weight Class : LIGHT WEIGHT
Stick Choice : Kali/ESCRIMA STICKS (1)
Training Facility : Triadic Martial Arts - Davison Michigan
Bio Info: :

Michael Robinson, “Kinjo” as he is known by his peers as an exceptional martial artist having begun formal training in 1988 and attaining his 1st Dan in 1992 this was only the beginning for a lifelong journey of growth and understanding. He possesses an enormous amount of knowledge and training in various arts and practices. Being trained by some of the best Martial Artists in the Midwest and having had the opportunity to travel for instruction, seminars, and further study Mr. Robinson has much to offer the martial arts community as a whole. The martial arts are about self-discovery not different from other pursuits of the soul such as music, spirituality, or creative writing. They are facets of the whole and it is in this intention that we must approach our training, and our lives.  A continual drive to reach his potential is what drives him towards competition.


Certified Ranks as follows: Tang Soo Do 4th Dan, Kenpo 4th Dan, JKD/ Kali Full Instructor, Takeyarisenjutsu (Ninjutsu/ Taijutsu) 6th Dan 


SFW Fight Count Wins Losses Draw
Total fights 0 1 0
Championship FIGHTS 0 0 0


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SFW 1: Genesis Robert Matsch vs. Michael Robinson Free Video


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