Big Frank Budelewski

Age : 47
Height : 6'4
Weight : 300 lbs
Hometown : Depew, NY.
SFW Fight Count
Total Fights : 1
Championship Fights : 0
Featherweight : 0
Lightweight : 0
Middleweight : 0
Heavyweight : 0
Super Heavyweight : 1
BIO Info

My name is Frank Budelewski I am better known worldwide by “Big Frank”. In 1991 I had a football scholarship and was expected to play pro. Those dreams were destroyed when I was in a serious car accident that almost claimed my life. After 6 years of operations and rehab I lost over 130 lbs rebuilt myself and started competing in bodybuilding. I won my first show and others after that, eventually attaining a BodyBuilding Pro Card. Since then I have devoted my life to helping, coaching, and inspiring others. I am a published journalist with work appearing in several magazines. In 2013 I was named “MAN OF THE YEAR” By In reclaiming my life and my body, martial arts became instrumental and I am currently studying at the United States Combat Sombo Guild. I was also a wrestler for many years and have studied various other martial arts. I also served as a US Federal Corrections Officer for 7 years where I dealt with all manner of offenders and broke up fights on a daily basis. Seeing the incredible potential in STICKFIGHTING WORLD, I am excited to be a part of it as a Referee. I believe this is truly the evolution of combat sports.


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