Version 1.9 Feb. 11, 2016






1. Safety Equipment

All equipment must be approved by STICKFIGHTING WORLDTM and must pass inspection before each Event.


Mandatory areas of protection:

1.1) Hand Protection (Gloves):

i) Lacrosse Gloves - Any glove that is approved for competitive Lacrosse leagues.

ii) WEKAF Gloves - Any glove that is approved for competitive stickfighting by the World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation (Gloves approved for other forms of stickfighting may also be acceptable.)


1.2) Groin Protection - Male stickfighters must wear a CSA certified protective cup. Female stickfighters are not required to wear a protective cup (but may do so if they choose).


1.3) Head Protection - There are two (2) choices of approved helmets:

                 i) WEKAF style helmet

                ii) Fencing helmet



1.4) Foot Protection

                i) Stickfighters may fight barefoot Or wear approved footwear:

               ii) Athletic shoes with tread no deeper than ¼ inch.

                iii) Martial arts shoes

               iv) Wrestling shoes.


1.5) Body Protection - Only equipment with soft foam padding is allowed. No hard plastics of any kind.

i) Elbows and Forearms - this can be one single piece elbow/forearm combo or worn as two pieces

ii) Shoulders and Collarbones

iii) Spine and Kidneys

iv) Mouth guard

v) Shin Guards

vi) Knee Pads

vii) Chest Protector – Female Stickfighters may wear a chest protector.


2. Sticks

Immediately prior to their match competitors will select approved Stickfighting stick(s) for their match from the selection that is provided by STICKFIGHTING WORLDTM. Stickfighters may select 1 or 2 sticks from the following stick types (combinations are permitted):

            i.             Kali/Eskrima Sticks (28” Long)

            ii.            Hanbo (36" Long)

            iii.           Jo (48" Long)

            iv.            Bo/Staff (60” long)

At the end of their match, sticks will be returned to the Stickmaster (STICKFIGHTING WORLDTM  staff responsible for competition sticks). If a stick breaks during competition the fight will be stopped while debris is removed and the competitor will have the opportunity to select a replacement stick.


3. The Tank

 All STICKFIGHTING WORLD matches will occur within The Tank. (The STICKFIGHTING WORLDTM  ring). The  Tank is a hexagon measuring approx. 22’ between opposite corners and  approx. 12’ along each exterior  side. The Tank has solid walls that are 8-feet high made of sheets of 3/4" thick Plexiglas. The tank has 1 door  and cannot be opened from the inside.



4. Match Format

 The objective in a STICKFIGHTING WORLD match is to coordinate a series of striking attacks to defeat the  other competitor and be declared the winner by the referee.


4.1 Competition will occur under the supervision of an official STICKFIGHTING WORLDTM referee.


4.2 Competition will occur in two divisions:

            i) MALE

            ii) FEMALE


4.3 The following Weight Classes shall separate the fighters within those divisions.

            Feather 125-150 (lbs.)

            Light 151-175

            Middle 176-200

            Heavy 201-225

            Super Heavy 226+

Weigh-ins will occur at the time of registration on the date of the STICKFIGHTING WORLDTM event that the fighter is participating in.


4.4 Official STICKFIGHTING WORLD Matches will occur between competitors within the same division and weight class  (Exhibition matches may occur between fighters of different divisions or classes.)


4.5 Each match is scheduled for: 3 rounds, 2 Minutes in length, with a 1 minute rest between rounds.


4.6 The Referee will award points during the fight using the SFW point system (see below). Those points will be recorded by the Scorekeeper and displayed on a Scoreboard throughout the match and will be used to determine a winner by Decision (if necessary).


5. SFW Point System


5.1 All Fighters will start with 0 points at the outset of the match. Points will accrue throughout the match and will be totaled to calculate a Decision at the completion of the match (if necessary).


5.2 A fighter will be awarded points as a result of:

            a) Disarming the opponent – This occurs when the stick(s) is knocked to the ground as a result of an   attack. When this occurs the Referee shall break the action, fighters shall return to their corners and  the Referee shall announce 1 point for the fighter who completed the disarm (Example: 1 Point RED).When the stick has been returned to the competitor the referee shall instruct the fighters to   continue the round.*

              b) Knock Down (KD)  – This occurs when a competitor is forced “down” to the ground by the attack of the  opponent. A STICKFIGHTER is considered to be “Down” when they are laying, sitting or kneeling such  that both knees make contact with the mat. This can include throws or takedowns where both fighters  may end up on the mat as long as there is a clear aggressor who initiated the takedown or throw. When  this occurs the Referee will break the action, fighters shall return to their corners and the Referee shall   announce 2 points for the fighter whose attack forced their opponent “down”. (Example: 2 Points   Blue).Then the referee shall instruct the fighters to continue the round.


*Dropped Stick - when a fighter loses control of a stick without contact from the opponent it is the responsibility of the fighter to retrieve the stick while the match continues. Unless the stick become a tripping/slipping hazard for the fighters – in which case the Referee shall break the action and the stick will be returned. No points will be awarded or subtracted due to dropped sticks. If the dropped stick has not been picked up at the next natural break in the match (A disarm or Knock Down occurs or the round ends) it shall be returned to the fighter at that point.



6. Striking

Striking is allowed anywhere on the body with the exception of the back of the head, the neck or the groin.  Strikes can be made using the stick(s) or any part of the foot, leg, knee, hand, elbow or arm.


7. Match Outcomes


7.1 Knockout (KO) If a competitor is knocked to the ground and fails to return to his feet within a full 5-second count as delivered by the referee the opponent shall be declared the winner by Knockout (KO)


7.2 Technical Knockout (TKO) The referee will declare a TKO if:

i) A Referee Stoppage occurs. If a contestant's ability to continue is in doubt the referee will call  for a timeout. If there is an on site medical professional available they shall inspect the contestant and if the   contestant is deemed unable to continue safely the Referee shall stop the match. If an on site medical   professional is not available to inspect the contestant the match will  be stopped as the contestant   cannot be confirmed as able to continue safely. Unless the contestant can be deemed safe to continue by an onsite medical professional they shall be declared the loser as a result of TKO.

ii) Forfeited Match - A fighter's corner may end the match by throwing a white towel into The Tank while the match is in progress or between rounds. This results in the opponent being declared winner by TKO.


iii) Surrender. A fighter may admit defeat and stop the contest at any time by dropping their  stick(s) or moving to a position where they are “down” on the mat. Either will signal to the referee to break the   action. The fighter then must verbally say “Surrender” to the referee.


7.3 Disqualification (DQ) A competitor will be declared the winner if the opponent is disqualified. DQ's may occur as a result of:

i) Illegal Actions: A competitor shall not, under any circumstances, strike while his opponent is down on the ground, including but not limited to opponent laying down, sitting or kneeling with both knees  touching the mat. Attempts to insert sticks, hands or feet between the helmet and the body of the  opponent are illegal. Strikes to the back of the head, the neck or the groin are illegal.

ii) Removal of head protection - If a competitor removes their head protection or the head protection of  their opponent while a round is in progress they will be disqualified without any further warning.


iii) Fouls - If a competitor draws three (3) fouls within 1 match they will be disqualified. Fouls will be drawn for: hair pulling, small joint manipulation (control of 4 or more fingers/toes is necessary) and attacking after the referee has moved to break the action (separate the fighters and return them to their corners),


7.4 Decision. 

If the match is not ended during the 3 rounds of competition the bout will be determined by the Score, as recorded by the Scorekeeper and Displayed on the Score Board. The fighter with the greater number of Points as awarded by the Referee using the SFW Point System (see above) shall be declared the winner. If the Score is equal then match shall be declared a Draw.


8. Corner Persons

Each Mixed Weapons Performer is allowed 2 Corner/Support Persons to assist them. The names of your Corner Persons must be provided to STICKFIGHTING WORLD management prior to the date of the event. Corner Persons will be provided with a lanyard or bracelet that must be worn during the event. Corner Persons are not charged admission but they are the responsibility of the Mixed Weapons Performer they accompany; disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

STICKFIGHTING WORLD provides a stool, bucket and bottled water for use by the Mixed Weapons Performer and their Corner during rest periods between rounds.  Corner Persons may enter The Tank when the door is opened by the STICKMASTER at the end of a round and they must leave The Tank when instructed to by the STICKMASTER or Referee.