SFW Training Centers




STICKFIGHTING WORLD Official Training Centers

If you are interested in learning the skills necessary to be a STICKFIGHTER contact one of the STICKFIGHTING WORLD Official Training Centers Listed below.

Each SFW Training Center school is independantly owned and operated. STICKFIGHTING WORLD recommends these schools as places to learn Mixed Weapons Martial Arts (MWMA) based upon the quality of fighters from these schools that have participated in STICKFIGHTING WORLD events. 



United States Combat Sombo Guild

Master John C.S. Lehmann

18 Brunswick Road, Depew, NY. 14043






Triadic Martial Arts LLC

Master Michael Robinson

709 S. State Road, Suite B

Davison, MI. 48423    






Want Your School to be a STICKFIGHTING WORLD Official Training Center?

If you represent a martial arts school consider the possibility of becoming a Official STICKFIGHTING WORLD Training Center. 

To become a STICKFIGHTING WORLD™ Official Training Center (SFW Training Center) a school must:

a) Teach 1 or more Types of Martial Arts involving Weapons

b) Have 1 or more Students/instructors or principal(s) participate in a STICKFIGHTING WORLD™ event.

c) Provide at least 1 Photograph of the school to STICKFIGHTING WORLD™ for use on their website, social media or other purposes. Additional Photos and/or video of the school are welcome and will provide the school with additional promotion. 


In return the School will be provided with:

a) One (1) STICKFIGHTING WORLD™ Official Training Center Banner to hang in the school.

b) STICKFIGHTING WORLD™ will provide a digital copy of our logo to the school and grant permission for the school to use that logo in their Advertising, signage and merchandise (for merchandise use the logo of the School must appear larger than the STICKFIGHTING WORLD™ logo).

c) The School will be listed and promoted on STICKFIGHTING WORLD’s website as a STICKFIGHTING WORLD™ Official Training Center

d) Fighters from Official Training Centers will be given priority in scheduling of SFW Events.* (Example: If there are more fighters than time slots at an event will allow - Fighters from Official Training Centers will be included in the Card before other applicants)

*Provided the quality of the fighter from an Official Training Center is equal to or better than other applicants.